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I keep forgetting that this would make a great blog subject. I seem to have this tendency to write about new discoveries of mine and I’ve been going to Finley for quite awhile now. Then I remembered I haven’t written about it here.

William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge is the headquarters unit of the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex and is located just south of Corvallis, OR along 99W. It is one of my favorite photography locations and the reasons range from its proximity to my home to the diversity of habitats and subjects there. Finley not only hosts great wildlife, but also historical landmarks, expanding the photographic potential into the realm of architecture from the typicl wildlife refuge, wildlife, landscapes and macro. Further, if you are strictly interested in the nature subjects, Finley offers woodland, prairies, savanna, and marshes for making images.

Another cool thing for photographers, Finley is named after one of our own. William L. Finley was an important conservation photographer in the early days.

Take a look at the official site.