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Recently, I became a member at WAAAM. As a staff member there mentioned to me, I’m there so often that in the long run it will probably be less expensive for me. Not to mention, I hope to become involved with some volunteer work around there, although the distance to the museum and my focus on my career would mean that a regularly scheduled volunteer commitment would probably be impractical.

Thus, when I went over to the museum for the Second Saturday in March, it was my first time to be there as a member. When I arrived the woman at the front desk recognized me and knew that I was now a member, so she checked me in before I even got out my membership card. Once in the museum, many of the staff and volunteers made mention of me joining the museum as I walked around. (Not all were aware, but I’m sure it was greater than 50%.) I consider this fact to be illustrative of how friendly a place WAAAM is.

As far as the Second Saturday event itself; the weather was beautiful, perhaps a little too beautiful for a photographer. I did my usual of photographing the airplanes and cars that were outside for the day’s activities, with the major difference being that there was a fairly good opportunity to photograph the Waco APO as it was determined that it was easier to get the YPF out to fly by pushing the APO outdoors first. One of the APO photos is what I’ve decided to use as my cover photo for this collection of images.

The presentation for this Second Saturday was about navigation for airlines circa the ‘40s and ‘50s. This presentation was immensely interesting and I think it’s safe to say that everyone is glad for modern navigational tools.

While at the museum, I ran into some photography friends. I didn’t know they would be there, but had a feeling they might be. This led to a friendly dinner at the end of the day, an always welcome way to conclude a great day at the museum.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Take a closer look at my images from the March, 2013 Second Saturday at WAAAM.