A week or so ago, I went to a local iris farm. I was photographing serious as I usually do, but I wasn’t that excited about it, because I was skeptical as to how useful the images were going to be.

After about an hour, it was pointed out to me that there was a storm cloud building. I photographed the white iris you see in the slideshow with the building cloud. This showed a bit of promise for something more exciting, but I didn’t have that much hope, this is Oregon after all, where thunderstorms are very rare occurrences.

I continued to photograph the flowers for a few more hours watching various cloud formations build and dissipate. Nothing about seeing all this activity made me hopeful that something truly interesting was building.

As sunset approached, I went to leave and intended to stop for a photograph of the production field that was right in front of the parking lot. When we got to the parking lot, I saw to my surprise that the storm had developed into something truly interesting. Although at that moment, I thought that the combination of cloud cover and wind would mean that the photo opportunity would soon be over.  I made the image of the field I intended. Shortly after the sun peaked through a hole in the cloud and I made one of the image of the car you see here. Now, the car isn’t the most interesting subject in the world, at least not just sitting there like that, but it showed that there was great potential. Unfortunately, it was a small hole and the light disappeared quickly.

I looked to the horizon and saw there was a possibility that the sun might peak up under the storm clouds. Problem was the storm was moving south from the north and was expanding westward to the horizon. It was a race to see who would make it to the horizon first, the storm or the sun.

The waiting was very boring and a bit worrisome that it might all be for nothing. Finally, the sun broke out underneath the clouds and the beautiful light poured out across the Willamette Valley. I then made my favorite images of the day.

Good weather is bad weather.

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