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Photography at times can be a rough pursuit, so it can be important to think about why you do it. So today, I list three of the reasons most important to me.

  1. USA, Oregon, Portland, Cathedral Park, woman at Cathedral Park in front of St. John's Bridge. Photo posed and processed for "fun". MR (Rick A. Brown)The most obvious, probably painfully so, is that it is fun. Let’s face it, fun is always a huge motivational factor.
  2. The fire crew working a fire in oak savanna at William L. Finley NWR. (Rick A. Brown)To communicate ideas or facts to others. This is one of my favorite images from my nature photography days, where I was photographing prescribed burns at William L. Finley NWR to communicate the importance of fire in Oak Savanna conservation.
  3. "Super Dave" Mathieson in his MX2 and Jon Melby in his Pitts S-1-11B Muscle Bi-Plane. (Rick A. Brown)Probably the absolutely coolest part of photography to me is that I have seen things that I probably would have never seen any other way.