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  1. Capt. Miller and a Vultee BT-13 at Warbirds Over the West. (Rick A. Brown)To create a specific look. This is where I like to be, it is always best when you are doing things like light the image, to achieve the look you want, not fix a problem. Here I used the look I’ve discussed before on RAB Pad.
  2. USA, Oregon, Portland, Cathedral Park, woman at Cathedral Park. MR (Rick A. Brown)To fill in shadows. Sometimes the light is largely what you want from the sun, but there is part of the image that is just too dark without adding something. When controlling the light for this purpose, it is important to choose carefully between reflectors and flash. In this image I used a silver and gold striped reflector to fill the shadows in an unobtrusive manner and add a hint of warmth.
  3. Restoring Great Lakes NX315Y formerly flown by Dorothy Hester and Tex Rankin. (Rick A. Brown)Sometimes it’s just plain dark. Sometimes, it is just too dark to get an image without a little something. I usually try to find a way to balance in some ambient light for a more natural look, but sometimes, it’s a choice between flash or using an ISO that is just too high for your intended purpose. This image was made with a small portable flash diffuser on the camera mounted flash and allowing as much ambient light in as possible.

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