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Studebaker Saturday from Rick Brown on Vimeo.

This month at WAAAM’s Second Saturday, I decided to do something a little different and concentrate on video. I planned for several weeks developing a storyboard in my mind about a specific story of the planes. As the day got closer however, I started hearing troubling things about the weather forecast. WAAAM has had a perfect record on not being rained out on Second Saturday, so I had faith.

This Second Saturday was also to be Studebaker day, so I was also going to produce a video just relating all the fun we had that day.

As it turned out, the weather was fabulous except for being cold and windy. This resulted in the flights being grounded for the day. Thus, the primary video I was planning got scrapped. This video of the other activities, is pretty cool though, it only lacks the really tight narrative that the other would have had. It is still a lot of fun, has beautiful clips and gives a good feel for how much fun the day was.

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of the imaging world as electronic media is taking over and viewers do like to see the moving image when possible.