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Lately, I’ve been photographing man made landmarks in addition to my natural landscapes. Such things as lighthouses, bridges, capitol buildings, etc., are providing me with as much fun as photographing mountains and the like, when in the right light.

Thus, when a photographer I met through aviation photographer, Nicholas Bielemeier, posted a picture of St. John’s Bridge on his facebook page, I was very intrigued. He graciously shared with me what city park, Cathedral Park, to find the vantage point from his photo.

So, I went there one day about twenty minutes before sunrise. What a fabulous place. One can walk right to the shore of the river. There are a multitude of vantage points around the park and I don’t believe I ever used the specific vantage point that Nicholas had used. I had planned to, but I couldn’t quite find it before the beautiful morning light was over. This isn’t because it was a hard vantage point to find, but it because I spent so much time photographing at the other places.

If you’re into this sort of photography, I suggest you check this location out. Also, take a closer look at my early morning St. John’s Bridge photos.