Sometimes, it’s good to be repetitive.

Recently, I photographed sunrise on the St. John’s Bridge from Cathedral Park. The bridge is beautiful and the sunrise was great. When I posted the photos here I received some nice feedback. One of the people I received feedback was from a former colleague of mine at my last day job who had since moved to Portland. I had already discussed meeting with her and shooting some in Portland, so when she responded to the images I mentioned that I really should photograph the bridge at sunset as well, would she be interested in meeting me for the shoot.

Well, except for the fact that I chose a time that did not allow us much time to photograph, it was a great shoot. When coming up with a time I didn’t properly take into account the shortening days and the hill on the west side of the bridge. I said 6:00pm, which gave us about twenty minutes before the sun set. Then there was a bit of haze from wildfires in the area, combined with a cloudless sky. This meant there wasn’t much to see after the sun set. In the end, we were only able to get a few shots, but I was happy with them.

Due to the really bright sky, I shot almost all the shots as a bracketed sequence and then merged in Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro2. My favorite shot of the evening was actually three different HDR images, that I then merged as a panorama.

USA, Oregon, Portland, Cathedral Park, St. John's Bridge at sunset. Digital Composite, HDR and panorama (Rick A. Brown)