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As a continuation of my previous entry, I have been testing different post processing techniques. Now, I would like to get a bit of input from you.

 (Rick A. Brown)

First we have this image where I took the retouched self portrait, duplicated the layer, and converted the top using Silver Efex Pro2 the High Structure (Harsh) preset. I then set the blend mode to Overlay. After this I created a merged layer, went into Color Efex Pro4 and ran the default preset of Tonal Contrast on it but changed the method to balanced.

 (Rick A. Brown)

This is the same as above only the black and white was made using the High Structure (smooth) preset.

 (Rick A. Brown)

Finally, there’s a method that I have a slight preference for. This was to take the retouched photo into Color Efex Pro4 run the Bleach Bypass filter using the default preset but lower the contrast and local contrast. Then on top of that I ran the Tonal Contrast filter using the balanced mode. Obviously, the Tonal Contrast is critical to what I want to do.

So, what do you think?