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USA, Oregon, Pendelton, cat looking surprised at some chicken bones. Digital Composite (Rick A. Brown/www.moosephoto.com)

There you have it, the above image is my very first Photoshop Composite. I have more compelling imagery in planning, but this opportunity was so funny that I couldn’t pass it up.

Essentially, I am writing this to let you know what a great investment I think Matt Kloskowski’s book Photoshop Compositing Secrets: Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections & Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites is.

I used the techniques as outlined in the book for the post processing of this image. The shooting of it was fairly simple. The cat had been in that seat earlier but left when I went to get my camera. The young man of the house saw that I wanted a picture, so he put the cat back in the seat and the cat had this totally surprised look on his face. I then took another shot of the chicken bones on the table, because I needed something visually there to surprise the cat. Then I used Matt’s compositing techniques to put them together.

I suggest you check this book out.