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Shortly after Nature Photography Day, I posted a bit here with a behind the scenes video of what I did that day. I didn’t post the still images here because I religiously register copyright images on photographs monthly. It is considerably easier to register unpublished images, so I keep them unpublished until I register them. Unfortunately, this does mean that sometimes I am dying to show you a few images here and must wait until later. For example, on Sunday I shot a bunch of Civil War reenactment photos that I really want to show you now, but must wait. (Interestingly enough, my favorite images were not at the height of the action, but at other times throughout the day.)

Anyhow, the main point of this post is to show you the still images I made that day. The above slideshow would be them or if you’d like more time to study these spiders and bees.

You probably know that I recently wrote a how-to book on Insect Photography, Insects in a Flash. These images illustrate quite well the point about going to flowers to help find insects that I talk about in the book.