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Can you believe it? Here I am writing about another urban location. I did mention that Vancouver, BC is a pretty special city, correct?

George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary  is a local bird sanctuary on Westham Island in the Fraser River delta. Technically, it’s not actually in Vancouver, it’s so close though that you should definitely include it in any visit to Vancouver, at least if you’re into or think you might like to try bird photography.

This is another location where folks feed waterfowl. I’ve previously mentioned that I have mixed emotions about this, but I definitely feel ok with using a situation like this to make images. Also, I believe that only grain has been used to feed the ducks, I saw no evidence they were ever fed bread or other potentially unhealthful foods. So the debate comes down to behavior alteration. The debate isn’t really my topic here, but I do firmly believe this isn’t as black and white as many portray.

Anyhow, this is a location ripe with photo opportunities. There are ducks, eagles, owls, herons, etc. all around and usually close. The one downside is the hours are kind of short for photographers’ purposes. I know that I for one did not photograph all the subjects I would’ve liked, due to time constraints.

I suggest you check it out.