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The hardest part of making portfolio level images is coming up with the inspiration for a really cool photograph. So today, I wanted to tell you a bit about one that I have recently thought up, but haven’t executed yet. I will execute as soon as I acquire the needed light modifiers and RC airplane.

My father and I have recently taken up the hobby of RC aviation. I also recently finished reading and running through the tutorials of Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Compositing Secrets. One day, I suddenly thought “that is the perfect idea for a portfolio image.” It will look way cool and also be easily convertible into something I could do for clients. Take an image of an RC plane in flight, flying low, slow, and close to me for ease of making a great image. Then photograph the owner against a grey background. Use the shooting and Photoshop techniques discussed in Matt’s book. Finish off the photograph with some lighting and post techniques that are my own. (For the closest idea of what it’ll look like, before I have something to show you, look at the work of Joel Grimes.) Tada, now you have the badass RC pilot portrait.

Look for it soon right here at RAB’s Tip Pad.