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When Second Saturday and a day when WAAAM needs to shuffle some planes around happen to coincide, great things are bound to happen. One such was 2/14/15, or Valentine’s Day 2015. That’s right the day that is the bane of single people everywhere was a fantastically fun day at WAAAM in 2015.

There is a Stinson SR-8 Reliant on loan at WAAAM currently and the owner came to WAAAM on this day to get it out and begin to get it ready for the 2015 flying season. Moving it outside meant that WAAAM moved several other planes outside to make way for the Stinson to get to the door. Plus the weather shaped up very nicely. It all came together as a great day for an aviation photographer.

The Stinson developed engine difficulties, so the flight we were hoping for did not happen. However, the Waco UBF did fly and that made for some great photo opportunities.

WAAAM had a Valentine’s Day event as part of the day’s activities as well. They had a presentation where they discussed love stories connected to several of the artifacts in the museum. I missed this presentation, having got too involved in the shooting.

Take a closer look at my February 2015 WAAAM Second Saturday images, or my aviation portfolio. Make a plan to see the next Second Saturday for yourself!