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USA, North Carolina, Spiderwort ( Tradescantia virginiana) (Rick A. Brown)

Admittedly, I’m going back to ancient history here. This image is from the film days, holy cow!

Anyhow, I had been shooting the old in camera Orton effect. The effect where you take one image in focus and another out of focus making sure the out of focus image is larger. The exposure is figured such that it is additive and makes one good image.

I was also at the time doing flash macro where the subject would be properly exposed and the background would fall to black or nearly so. (Since I have pretty much stopped this, because most potential clients don’t like it, although I do personally.)

One day when I was showing a friend a bunch of these images, he suggested that I combine the two methods. Thus, this image was born. I photographed two images illuminated by flash very high contrast. One image was in focus and the other was out of focus with the out of focus image larger than the in focus image. Special effects were possible in analog photography as well, although there was a certain degree of chance to what would happen.

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