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In the month of July I made a return trip to my favorite dragonfly location, Freeway Ponds Park in Albany, Oregon. I did everything the same as I did on Nature Photography Day, but since it was a little later in the summer, was able to photograph more dragonflies.

Battered dragonflies seemed to be the order of the day, I’m not precisely sure what the deal was, but it seemed that many dragonflies had spent the night down in the grasses, this isn’t necessarily unusual, but apparently when they started in the morning they started flapping their wings before they got out of the grasses and tore up their wings. This provided for the opportunity for extreme facial close-ups. I was sad to see these dragonflies self-destruct, but photographers must take advantage of the situations presented to them.

If dragonfly images were more marketable, I’d probably bore you to tears with them.

Take a closer look at the gallery of dragonflies.