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If you’ve been reading my posts here, you would definitely know how much trouble I go through to get dragonfly shots much of the time. I think they are incredible creatures and find it well worth it. Well sometimes you get lucky and can get images with much less work.

The photos running in the slide show here are the perfect example.

It was car wash day at the house, although at that moment I was, if I remember correctly, writing a post here on this blog. Suddenly, I was notified to get my butt out to the driveway to photograph this Flame Skimmer. In the interest of moving fast I just grabbed my 1dIII and 180mm macro. After photographing him for a while and seeing he was pretty tolerant as long as I approached him very slowly, I decided to go get my flash rig.

About half of the images here are from that phase.

Things at this point were going so smoothly that I decided to grab my camcorder and make some video footage of him hunting from the antenna. The encounter only ended when I determined that I had made just about every image I could think of and went back to my other work.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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