Sometimes even your backyard can make for pretty good photographs.

Recently, I was doing some other work in the house  (perhaps writing on this blog – I can’t remember), when I saw the neighbors were getting trees cleared from their yard. From stories my parents had told me of when they had one cleared, I knew that there would be opportunities for good images. Furthermore, the angle of light etc., would allow for images where the arborist would be unrecognizable. When you are making images for which getting a model release is impractical, this is a good thing. More options for use are open in an unreleased image if the person is not recognizable. Of course, there is the downside that “unrecognizable” can sometimes be up for argument.

So I took some gear into the backyard and photographed the arborist cutting down the trees. While I was out there, my dog started watching me and neighborhood cats from the upstairs window. This made for an opportunity for some “cute” photos and while they might seem a bit cheesy, I have made some money by licensing images of my Tawny.