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Every Second Saturday, WAAAM hosts an event aptly named Second Saturday. These events include flying, rides on antiques cars, and usually an educational program. I try to make it every month, although weather and other things sometimes interfere. I definitely like to see and photograph old cars and planes outside more than in a hangar and this is a good time to see WAAAM’s stuff outside.

August 2014 the concentration of the event was motorcycles and snow mobiles, but I received the pleasant surprise shortly after arriving of finding out that the Parker Pusher was to fly that morning. This aircraft was a plane built by a Mr. Parker in 1934 apparently from remains of an old Curtiss Pusher that was built in the early days of aviation, most likely 1912. It had removable wings and appeared in movies using this fact to its advantage, because they were easily replaced. If you ever saw the old plane fly into a barn, losing its wings, that would be this plane.

I positioned myself to photograph the plane taking off, and to my surprise there was a lot of flying that day, so I stayed in that position most of the day, and didn’t see much of the other Second Saturday festivities.

For even more excitement the Pusher is scheduled to fly again at the Hood River Fly In, both days at 8:00 am.

Take a look at my August, 2014 Second Saturday photos, or my aviation portfolio.