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We arrived at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in some pretty dense fog. There was some hope of it clearing, but as the day wore on, it never happened. For much of the day it actually got worse.

However, if you play it right, fog can make for great images.

Fog provides soft light, which is usually a positive thing. Second it helps clean up backgrounds. Unfortunately, it does tend to make backgrounds gray or white, which is usually a negative, but this can be dealt with as well.

Thus, the part of this day when I was shooting outside, I endeavored to make the fog a positive. This meant making images where the planes looked like they were peaking out of the mist, or in the case of the first image of the DC3, reminiscent of wartime England. The key to this is usually to get close to the aircraft, so that there is far less fog between the camera and the plane, than between the camera and the background. The one exception to this is the photo of the Neptune.

A gallery of aircraft outside at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.