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If you want your photographs to be great, they need a little something to separate them, at least a little bit, from the way we usually experience the world.

One way to achieve this is from unusual angles. Walking up to a subject and photographing it from a normal standing height, will tend to lend a snapshot quality to the image (of course there are many other things you can do to counter this.) An easy way to give your photo some extra punch is drop down to your knees or all the way to the ground. Admittedly, sometimes you’re down on your belly in places you’d rather not do that, but the resulting photographs are worth it.

A little more difficult is to go high. The positive effect on the imagery is a big part of why drones have become such a thing lately. Other approaches are to have a ladder with you. The high angle does take more planning, as you can’t just get up high without some technological means to get you up there. This is one reason there is less high angle photography in my archives, but I now include some in most of my production shoots, although low angle fits my aesthetic better.

Now get out there and place your camera in a more interesting spot than the pedestrian view.

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